Mark Llobrera

Bakeneko 65

Top-down view of a keyboard with a lavender case and white keycaps.
Bakeneko 65 with Gazzew Linear Thocks and DSS Easter keycaps

My friend Max gave me an unexpected gift this week, a lavender Bakeneko 65 with purple switches and a lovely DSS Easter keycap set. I wasn’t shopping for a new keyboard given that I only recently picked up the Keychron Q2—but I had mentioned offhand to Max that in the future I would really love a lavender case, and here we are.

Top-down view of a keyboard with a lavender case, purple keyswitches, and no keycaps.
Purple power

How does it compare to the Q2? I sent Max these quick observations:

Overall verdict so far: fun! The Q2 is going in to the office next time I commute in to Philly, to replace the Topre Realforce I’ve been using there.