Mark Llobrera

Camden and Mt. Battie

View of Camden, ME from Mt. Battie.
Camden, ME, viewed from Mt. Battie

Yesterday we stopped in Camden for lunch and then drove up Mt. Battie (it was too hot to walk up the trail). I took a series of photos for the panorama above, which I stitched together in Affinity Photo1. The view was so expansive I felt like I could see the earth curving at the horizon line.

Girl looking out at Camden harbor.
Em looking out on the harbor
Woman and a girl waving from atop a stone tower.
Sophie and Debbie waving from atop the Memorial Tower

  1. First time trying out the panorama stitching feature, but I like the result better than the in-camera result I typically get from my Fuji, or from my iPhone. ↩︎