Mark Llobrera

Clearing Out Drupal Features Checkboxes

Drupal has a Features module which allows for certain configuration settings (Views/Context/Content Types) to be exported to code. This way you can separate out configuration from content, and avoid having to sync databases up/down environments.

Except that sometimes (in my experience) you hit a wall with a created feature. I’m not sure where that limit is, but sometimes you end up with a feature that simply won’t allow you to re-create it cleanly.

In those cases my workaround has been to simply export just the specific component that changed, and then hand-merge the code myself. This can be troublesome if you have a lot of components, however.

A list of active checkboxes for Drupal 7 features.
That’s maybe 1/20th of the checkboxes for this feature. Which is a lot of clicking.

So here’s a quick line of jQuery you can run in your browser console to uncheck every component in your features module.


I’ve also put this up as a gist.