Mark Llobrera

Jon Hicks on Using an iPad Pro

In his post “Using the iPad Pro as my main computer” Jon Hicks writes:

The iPad Pro wouldn’t have had any attraction for me if it wasn’t for the Pencil – it’s all about this ‘new’ input method. It feels just right. With a keyboard and mouse my hands are rested and fairly static, but something about designing on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and gestures feels a bit like how the graphic design process was when I first started in industry. The Pencil could be a scalpel, chinagraph pencil or Rotring Pen, the iPad surface a paste-up board or draughtsmans table.

Jon captures a lot of what I love about using the iPad Pro (I had a set of Rotring drafting pens growing up, a gift from my folks when they noticed how much I loved to draw.)

For me it’s not about replacing everything I do with my laptop — it’s more that for certain things (sketching/illustration, editing photos) the iPad + Pencil works so much better than a mouse (or trackpad)-driven solution. I often say that I think of the iPad as the accessory to my Pencil, not the other way around.