Mark Llobrera

NY Times: “Spare a Thought for the Indies”

I enjoyed this series of quotes from independent bookshops, illustrated by Bob Eckstein. This quote, especially:

We are now able to sell wine. One dedicated woman has started purchasing a case of wine and books for her whole book group.

—Suzy T, The Book Cellar1, Chicago

During this socially-distant time I’ve mostly been supporting my local bookstores, specifically Narberth Bookshop (which does local-area stoop/porch deliveries) and Harriet’s Bookshop, which is located by my office in Fishtown.

I’ve posted this before, but if you’re near Philadelphia Eric Smith has a list of indie bookshops you can support.

  1. The Book Cellar! How appropriate that they’re selling wine. Also, I just now realized that it could be a pun on Seller. Bravo. ↩︎