Mark Llobrera

RSS and Email Newsletters using Feedbin

Several weeks ago I posted about using Kill the Newsletter! to turn your email newsletters into RSS (Atom) feeds. Shortly after that Lucy Bellwood pointed me to this post by Chris Coyier on Email is Good, which details how to use Gmail to forward your newsletter emails to Feedbin. I’m a Feedbin user so I use a modified version of Coyier’s recipe: I set up a filter for my existing email newsletter subscriptions, forwarding those emails to my built-in Feedbin email address.

For future signups I’ll use Coyier’s technique for setting up a naming convention. I wasn’t sure if it would work with my custom domain instead of a vanilla address, but a quick test confirmed that it does.1

  1. I’ll probably have to figure out this part again, in the future. One of my longer-term goals is to get off Gmail; I’m thinking of Fastmail or HEY. ↩︎