Mark Llobrera

Switching back to Gateron X

(Pun very much intended.)

After three months of using the Keychron Q2 I’ve been fairly happy. The stabs could probably use a proper re-lube, but for the most part it’s been a nice change from the Drop Alt. Except: several weeks ago I started to have issues with key chatter. Sometimes I’d a key would register twice, sometimes it would fail to register. Popping out the switch and re-seating it would usually help for a while, but then some keys would act up again. It could be an issue with the switches (annoying, but solvable), or it could be an issue with the keyboard’s PCB (which would be bad)

So: I’ve swapped out the Boba U4T Silent switches, and gone back to the Gateron X ones that I used for a while. If these stay chatter-free then I’ll at least know it was the switches at fault.1

  1. Looks like there’s at least some reports of Boba chatter out there. ↩︎