Mark Llobrera
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol cover image

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

May 09, 2023

This review may contain spoilers.

Walks back JJ Abrams’ main character-based decision from the previous movie by shuffling Michelle Monaghan’s Julia offstage. The team that’s assembled here isn’t my favorite ensemble—I like Paula Patton’s Agent Carter (here my brain gets scrambled by the fact that the woman who played the Marvel universe Agent Carter, Hayley Atwell, is going to be in the upcoming Dead Reckoning). But I’m not a Jeremy Renner fan, and I guess Hollywood was still very much trying to make him into a star.

The Burj Khalifa sequence remains a high point [winks at audience, is yanked offstage]. I love the humor they wring out of the suction glove reappearing.

The car garage sequence reminded me a lot of another Cruise movie, Minority Report. Love that this movie really leaned into the demented, indestructible energy of Cruise. He’s got one working leg but by god he will get that briefcase.

I did not recall how Ving Rhames basically has a cameo in this one, I kept waiting for him to join up with the team.