Mark Llobrera
Mission: Impossible III cover image

Mission: Impossible III

Mar 04, 2023

Couldn’t remember much about this one going in, and honestly I’ll probably forget it again in a week. Mostly made me want to rewatch Alias—the cold open is basically a remix of the Alias pilot. (I should rewatch The Americans too, come to think of it.)

I feel like the big sequences have solid ideas behind them but they aren’t executed with a particularly distinctive style. The bridge sequence, for example, feels like a Michael Bay moment. And the fulcrum swing: I feel like it should’ve been a knockout but it’s just…ok.

I didn’t realize Simon Pegg made his series debut in the one! I also wish Maggie Q had done more of them. (Paula Patton from the 4th one, too, thinking of other people who have been one-and-done.)

I miss Philip Seymour Hoffman.