Mark Llobrera
Triangle of Sadness cover image

Triangle of Sadness

Mar 05, 2023

The satire here is very direct, and not very deep. I don’t think it makes the audience really wrestle with its themes. The rich are ridiculous, so what?

The first act actually shows some glimmers of wanting to go deeper. Carl is such an annoying character but it’s funny seeing him slowly find some level of class consciousness. RIP Charlbi Dean; I really liked her performance as Yaya. Their argument feels like it could be headed somewhere interesting but then we’re off to sea.

The middle section drags and it’s the type of escalating gross-out humor that is not to my, uh, taste. I did enjoy Woody’s “shit socialist” delivery tho.

Loved seing Dolly De Leon’s Abigail assert control (“Who am I?”) in the final act, even as the scenes drift further from a recognizable reality. The final stretch between her and Yaya is well acted but doesn’t raise the tension enough for that last scene.

And yet—I mostly enjoyed this! I especially liked how this movie was shot, some of the compositions do a much better job at delivering the satire than on-the-nose dialogue.