Mark Llobrera
Brotherhood of the Wolf cover image

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Jul 23, 2023

This review may contain spoilers.

Haven’t seen this since it originally came out in theaters, but I picked up the new 4K edition and it’s just as wild a stew as I remembered: martial arts action, creature horror, political/religious intrigue, romance. Christophe Gans fading from Monica Bellucci’s curves to snowy hills? this-is-cinema dot jpg

Felt like the right moment to revisit this with Mark Dacascos popping up in Warrior S3 and the John Wick series (though I haven’t seen JW 3). Justice for Mani! In a different world this would be his story. (I don’t understand why he would be repeatedly distracted by Virginie Darmon’s feral woman, feels like I’m missing something.)