Mark Llobrera
Casablanca cover image


Jul 27, 2023

The first time I watched Casablanca it didn’t hit too hard, I think I treated it more like homework. This time, though, I really enjoyed everything about it—especially the supporting characters beyond Rick/Ilsa/Victor. (Claude Rain’s Louis Renault gets most of the best lines, almost making you forget that he’s a corrupt guy who takes bribes and coerces women into sex for favors.)

Bogart isn’t my favorite, but I like him in this role—especially early on, when he’s like, can you believe this woman? But it’s Ingrid Bergman, so…we understand.

Michael Curtiz knew how to frame a shot, even if it was simply knowing to put Bergman in the frame and light her properly. Where has the art of lighting/cinematography gone? I watched this on 4K disc and it’s gorgeous.